About Real Food Fast!

Nate & Dani, 1990

Hi, I'm Cyndi. Wife to Mike, mother to Nate and Dani. I love my family, I love food, I love cooking...but I am so busy!

Although I don't have a food science degree, I do have 25 years of experience cooking and baking solidly nutritious food for my own busy family without resorting to fast foods or packaged junk. My emphasis is on whole foods, prepared with both speed and love, making even a rushed dinner time a nice family experience. I'm well-versed in OAMC and OAWC, as well as 30 minute meals, etc. I was taught by the best...RuthAnn Lavin, my mother...and have expanded my repertoire as new ingredients and techniques have become available. I am as passionate about food and good healthful eating as I am about artwork, which is my real profession.

To start off our food journey together, I'm going to quickly share some of my very favorite 30 minute meals plus the basics of once a week food preparation. Once we've got those as a reference, I'll be sharing meal planning and preparation guides, more fast and easy recipes, time-saving tips, master mixes, special occasion foods, book reviews, and a host of other information to take the tedium out of meal preparations and to make your meal times a pleasure!

All of us, 2008
(Nate holding his daughter Katherine, Dani in bottom right corner,
RuthAnn second from left at the top)

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