Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookbook review: The New Lasagna Cookbook

The New Lasagna Cookbook
by Maria Bruscino Sanchez

Maria is wild about lasagna and is willing to bet that you will be too, if you aren’t already! Just listen to some of these dishes:

  • Sicilian chicken sauce lasagna
  • Arugula and prosciutto lasagna
  • Asparagus and goat cheese lasagna
  • Tortellini lasagna Bolognese

Maria has traveled all over the world to collect the inspiration for this book. Most of the recipes feature the traditional broad noodles that we think of with lasagna, but some of her varieties use crepes, phyllo, tortillas, and even sliced polenta.

There’s much to drool over in this wonderful new cookbook! I made the “Lazy Carbonara Penne for a Crowd” (shown above) and it was very very well received. Below is the “Artichoke and Spinach Lasagna” which was also very popular :-)

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