Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blueberry pie crumble topping

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday, so I thought I should share another of RuthAnn's extra special treats!  When Mom makes a blueberry pie, she uses a very simple (but delicious) crumble topping instead of a second pie crust.  First, I guess I should tell you that Mom makes the ultimate best pie crusts in the known world, and I live for them, so for me to praise something that isn't a crust is high praise indeed. 

You might be wondering why my slice of pie is in a bowl.  Well, a lot of people from Pennsylvania (and I am one) eat it this way, with milk:

Anyway, here's the recipe for the topping:

Crumb Topping for Pies

1/2 c flour
1/2 c quick oats (or grind up whole oats)
1/3 c (5 1/3 T) butter
1 c white sugar (brown sugar for apple pies)

Stir together.  Use slightly less sugar in your pie filling when you use a crumb topping.


BakingWithoutaBox said...

Happy birthday to your mom - the world's best pie crust maker! Love crumble crusts.

Cyndi L said...

Thank you! I love anything (sweet) made with real ingredients. It's getting harder all the time to convince people to actually make a pie crust ;-)