Friday, August 10, 2012

Corn and edamame succotash

I have never liked succotash.  What's to like?  Lima beans make my head shake.  The corn is always waterlogged and gross.  And what the heck are those disgusting red things anyway? 

Then I found Martha Stewart's recipe for skillet corn, edamame, and tomatoes with basil oil.  I didn't even realize at first that it was basically succotash until I read the caption by the picture.  Too late!  I had already tried it and we liked it :-)

Mike agrees with me about lima beans, by the way, but he likes this dish too!  I added some browned meat to it in order to make it a one-dish meal.  Can't wait to try it the "right" way and have it as a side!


oregonphotography said...

Will have to try this Cyndi. Like the idea of converting it to a the full meal deal with a meat. Best to you!

Cyndi L said...

Thanks Thom! We do vegetarian a few times per week, but we love our omnivore thing the most ;-)