Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Citrus pesto for your fish dish

Oh, how delicious this pesto is! You can make it in a snap, starting with a good quality packaged basil pesto, or you can make it totally from scratch if you’ve got the time, using our Basic Basil Pesto recipe. It’s fun to do that in the spring and early summer when fresh basil is plentiful :-)

As for how to use it, think fish! We had it with swordfish last night, but I think it would be equally at home with tuna or any other tasty white fish. Actually, you’re going to mix the citrus pesto with spaghetti or fettucini and then serve the fish on top of it. Add a simple green salad and you’re done.

If you start with prepared basil pesto, this is a thirty minute meal. If you decide to make the pesto from scratch…well, I don’t know how long it will take you, but I’m a slob so it takes me awhile :-)

Citrus Pesto

7 - 8 oz prepared basil pesto
3/4 - 1 c freshly grated parmesan cheese (about 2 cubes, each 1 inch)

While the fish cooks and the pasta boils, prepare the citrus pesto. Grate all of the peel and zest of the lemon and the orange into a large bowl. Cut them each in half and squeeze the juice out into the bowl. Grate the parmesan cheese into the bowl as well. Add the basil pesto and stir them all together.

When the pasta is finished cooking, drain it well and toss it with the pesto in the bowl. Serve it up and add a piece of fish on top.

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