Friday, February 26, 2010

Our favorite Indian recipes

Let's start with a look at Indian spices and how they're used, and then move on to our all-time favorite dishes.  Some of these I've had to simplify since I don't always have access to all of the ingredients (or time) that I might like.  And I also don't own a tandoor!

You'll be able to find this list linked in the sidebar, and I'll be adding to it from time to time.  Hope your family grows to love Indian food as much as we do!


Black eyed peas dahl

Red lentil curry

Tandoori chicken without the tandoor


Rogan josh

Chicken tikka

Mint chutney

Lamb and lentil stew

Diwali rice pudding

Ceylonese sauce for vegetables and rice

Punjabi masalah lamb

Curried carrot soup

Spicy chickpeas

Vegetable vindaloo

Pineapple chutney

Sweet potato soup

Korma sauce

Cherry tomato chutney

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