Friday, February 10, 2012

Chocolate wafers with ginger

Here's a real show-off treat for you to serve, which can be found on the Food & Wine site.  I decided that they were a bit too labor-intensive to be added to our regular holiday line-up, but they sure are impressive looking when they're all stacked up on a plate.  I preferred to use a small metal spatula to spread the chocolate on one side of the wafers, cool them in the fridge, and then flip them over to do the other side, to which I added the ginger and other treats.

If I make them again, I will line them up on a sheet of parchment and do them more like the Matzo Toffee, minus the toffee part.  Both sides of the wafers really don't have to be coated with chocolate, although like I said before, they are pretty impressive!

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