Friday, April 6, 2012

My new favorite scones

I forgot to take a picture!!  So I'm borrowing Martha's.

I've tried lots of recipes for scones, but I now have a new favorite for the basics: Rich Cream Scones from Martha Stewart.  I did make a few tweaks, using my food processor to cut up the butter into the flour in the first step, subbing light cream for the heavy cream, and skipping the additional sugar on top.  Just be careful if you use the processor not to over-chop the butter.

For future use, I would cut back on the sugar if the scones were going to be used in place of biscuits at dinner.  These are not overly sweet, but they definitely do have a sweet taste that may not be completely to your liking for dinner.  But as a breakfast treat, for tea, or for dessert, these are excellent.  I can think of lots of different ways to "dress them up" in the future.


Shirley said...

Mmm, I love scones. A friend introduced me to them a couple of years ago. She added choc chips to the scones, then served them with Mock Devonshire Cream. Divine!!!

Cyndi L said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!