Monday, December 24, 2012

All the pretty cookies!

I like to gather up all the new varieties of cookies that we've tried and add them to my list of old favorites.  Even though I mostly make the traditional cookies for Hanukkah and Christmas at our house, I am of the opinion that you can never have too many cookie recipes and I like to add something different from year to year.  Here are some suggestions if you feel your cookie list is getting a bit stale!

Show-off chocolate chip cookies

Cranberry cookie bars

Chocolate-orange cookies


Raspberry mascarpone cookies

Chocolate matzo treats

Graham crackers

Mom's shortbread

White chocolate ginger biscotti

Lemon-macadamia nut cookies

Thin and chewy molasses cookies


Grammy's chocolate cookies


Chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies

Lavender biscotti

Lemon and lavender shortbread

The world's best brownies

Lime and basil shortbread

Chocolate shortbread

Homemade Oreo cookies

Perfect vanilla sugar cookies

Perfect chewy chocolate cookies

Bourbon balls

Fudgy chocolate cookies


Matzo toffee

Cream cheese-raspberry brownies

Chai-pistachio sugar cookies

Mexican chocolate cookies

Cream cheese-apricot brownies

Amish raisin cookies

Peanut blossoms

Italian cornmeal cookies

Lime swirl cheesecake bars

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