Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fudgy chocolate cookies, with or without heat

Since I wasn't sure how chocolate cookies with chili spice would be received (I knew that I'd like 'em, at least!), I split the batter into two parts and added heat to one, but rolled the other half in extra sugar.  The reactions were mixed.  No surprise, people who like spicy foods mostly liked the Mexican-inspired spicy cookies.  Purists and folks who aren't so crazy about heat preferred the sweeter version.

I used the recipe from Hannaford's Fresh magazine, cutting the spice by half since it was only going in half the batch.  I used red pepper flakes to decorate the tops of the spicy ones.  

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Eileen Bergen said...

I've lived in Mexico for 14 years and, while I can tolerate a higher level of spice than ever before, I still can't say I go in search of spicy foods.

As for chocolate in "weird places", I haven't even gotten myself to TRY mole - which is a chocolate-based sauce used on main course dishes like chicken, pork or fish.

Our taste buds are very interesting and unique aren't they?