Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Corned beef

I just realized that I forgot to post my favorite broth mixture for boiling corned beef when it was St Patrick's Day.  Since New Englanders are likely to eat corned beef any time of year in the form of a "boiled dinner", I guess there's really no problem with posting it now!

Corned Beef Cooking Broth

Garlic cloves
Pepper corns
Bay leaves

12 oz Guinness beer
1 c beef broth

Make a cheesecloth bundle from the garlic and herbs and tie to the handle of the stock pot.  Add the beer and broth to the pot and add enough water to cover the meat.  Boil forever.  The broth becomes very concentrated as you continue to add more water and boil it away.  At the end, you can reduce some of the broth for a wonderful sauce.

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