Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chipotle marinade for beef

This marinade gives steak a real kick! I like to cut up some red onions into thin thin rings and marinade them along with some flank steak. Throw them all together in a zip-loc bag, and when you're ready to grill, stick the onions in a grill pan to cook up with the steak. To get the details on grilling flank steak, check out our technique post.

If you wanted an overdose of chipotle and orange, you could add some of our Chipotle-Orange Barbecue Sauce in the last few minutes of cooking. Or maybe that would be too much...

Chipotle Marinade

2 T olive oil
3 T lime juice
2 T orange juice
2 T minced chipotle peppers

1 red onion, sliced in thin rings (optional)
Cumin seeds (optional)

Mix the olive oil through the peppers in a zip-loc bag and add your steak and onion rings. Grill the onions in a grill pan along with the steak. For more spice, sprinkle the steak with cumin seeds before serving.

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