Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lamb with black olive paste

Here’s the perfect recipe to use your black olive paste with! I served small but thick slices of lamb smothered in the paste, along with mixed hearty grains, a Greek salad, and some bread to sop up the extra olive paste. Altogether, it took less than thirty minutes to put the entire meal together, since I had already made the black olive paste during once a week food preparation day.

Lamb with Black Olive Paste

1 lb thick lamb slices or chops
Olive oil

Black olive paste

In a cast iron skillet (preferably), sear the meat quickly on both sides in some olive oil. Cover the tops of the slices with a mound of black olive paste and place into very hot oven, 500, on bake, not broil. Depending upon the thickness, it will take 10 to 15 minutes to cook through without losing all the pink.

While the meat is cooking, heat up some water for couscous, orzo, or quick-cook mixed grains, mix up a salad of dark baby greens, feta cheese, and tomatoes, and cut some small rounds of crusty bread. And pour the wine!

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