Monday, September 7, 2009

Warm comfort food with no recipes!

I’ve decided that we’re having something pseudo-Italian tonight! Mike and I stopped into Trader Joe’s over the weekend and picked up their wonderful Tomato Bruschetta. Yes, I could make bruschetta, but I really like Trader Joe’s variety, and the label assures me that there’s nothing in there I don’t want.

Still, instead of getting real fancy with the meal, I’m keeping it simple and using my extra time for length of cooking instead of elaborate preparations. Here’s what we’re having, no recipes needed:

Baked potatoes with olive oil and bruschetta
Butternut squash with butter
Broccoli and mushrooms stir-fried in olive oil

It takes about an hour to cook the potatoes and the squash in the oven, so I’ll probably throw them in around 5 and drink wine until 5:45. Then I’ll attempt to do the stir-fry and have it ready at the right time! Wish me luck ;-)

Image: Stock.xchng

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