Friday, February 18, 2011

Thai Roma restaurant

While we were visiting with Dani down in her new Washington DC neighborhood, we decided to try a wonderful neighborhood restaurant called Thai Roma.  How can you resist a name like that?  I don't do much Thai cooking, but I've been wanting to, so this seemed like a wonderful way to start.

The menu is extensive, and the three dishes that we ordered were all very very tasty.  We also enjoyed the atmosphere of the place...but that was a bonus to the food!  We ordered Kai Wan chicken, Green Curry with chicken, and Nua Siam beef.  We'll definitely be returning when we visit next time!


Eileen Bergen said...

The name is confusing. Do they have Italian food too?

We have a Thai restaurant in our Mexican village. It's called Simply Thai - no confusion there.

I love Oriental food and look forward to seeing some Oriental recipes on Real Food Fast.

Can any of them be made Real Fast?

Cyndi L said...

Probably not Real Fast, lol! But remember, our tag line is "fast, but not *too* fast" :-)