Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curried butter corn

This has been an excellent year for corn, so we've been having a lot of it over the course of the summer.  We don't ever really get tired of it, especially since the season is pretty short when you think about it.  Local corn is going to start to toughen up soon, so we're happy to just glut on plain old corn on the cob as long as we've got the chance.

Just for a bit of variety though, I did Curried Butter corn on the cob the other night.  We slathered each ear with the butter, using a barbecue brush, and wrapped them in foil.  About 25 minutes on the grill (trying to maintain around 400 degrees) and they were toasty delicious.

Curried Butter

Melt a few T of butter in the microwave. 
Add about half the amount of curry paste as butter and stir well.

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