Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candied citrus peel

 Recently I bought a pummelo (a what?  a Southeast Asian citrus fruit!) and was just overwhelmed by the size of the peel versus the size of the actual fruit.  Since I've been playing around with chocolate quite a bit, I thought that maybe this overabundant peel would be good candied.

I found a fabulous recipe (and the most glorious pictures) at Black Book Kitchen Diaries.  I would advise a visit to this beautiful blog for many many reasons, not just the wonderful candied peel instructions.  Many times I've seen recipes that called for boiling up the peel several times over several days.  Well, this method just has you draining and replacing the water three times.  I like that a LOT better!  My pictures aren't as pretty, but the delicate green color was a hit with everyone.

And here's the poor denuded pummelo:


~RED~ said...

What an odd little fruit! I have never seen one of those..i will have to hunt in the tiny little "exotic" section of my grocery store..
Thank you so much for the comment on my stuffed peppers, they were wonderful!

Rich said...

Hey, I think your pictures are great! And these look fantastic! I'm going to give them a shot ... heheh ... denuded.

Cyndi L said...

Red, they are like very large grapefruit, with a very thick rind :-)

Rich, thank you, my pictures are improving as I gain inspiration from really fine photographers like you!