Monday, January 3, 2011

Food trends 2011

I look forward to all the posts that come out mostly near the end of each year that focus on foodie predictions for the next year.  In one case I found predictions for the whole next decade!  Anyway, I'll give you a brief summary and will leave you with the best links I found if you'd like to read up more.

In foods:
Vegetables of all types
Sustainable seafood
Farm-branded meats and vegetables
Artisan and ethnic cheeses
Korean everything
Quinoa and other ancient grains

Out foods:
Bacon with everything
Super-sized anything

Lifestyle trends:
Homegrown still hot, but locavore waning
Edgy and exotic food choices, including downright gross
Vegetarianism still on the rise
Simplification of ingredients
Apps for everything food-related
Expansion of home-delivery market
Flavor with benefits, health that is

Restaurant trends:
Classic Italian
More food-to-go available at alternative venues like grocery stores and drug stores
Food trucks (making restauranteers crazy)
Cost-cutting measures that piss-off customers
Breakfast 24/7
Glorified sandwiches
Haute cuisine vending machines
Improved children's menu options

The Food Channel
Nutrition Unplugged
Baum + Whiteman
Food Processing
The Daily Beast

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