Monday, January 21, 2013

Roasted boniatos

Have you tried boniatos yet?  They are commonly called Cuban sweet potatoes, or sometimes white sweet potatoes.  I've tried them a couple of different ways now, and I've got a few tips for you.  I was told to roast them in their jackets just like you would a regular sweet potato, and that worked quite well, except that they seemed to take just a bit longer to fully soften.

And then I decided to experiment.  Although I generally recommend experimenting, this one did not turn out very well.  I peeled them first, intending to boil and mash them.  The boiling and mashing went ok, but the peeling was very very disconcerting: boniatos oxidize RAPIDLY, leaving the exterior flesh grayish.  Not at all appealing, no pun intended.  I don't think it affected the taste, but they were not pretty!

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