Friday, November 13, 2009

Cookbook review: The Taste of Home Cookbook

I want to tell you about a really delightful cookbook that I received to review called The Taste of Home Cookbook, the new revised edition. It’s a companion book to the cooking magazine by the same name! I love everything about this book: it’s got a notebook style binding, so that you can remove sheets if you need to, it’s well-organized, prep and cooking times are clearly marked…I could go on and on. But the best thing about it is the selection of recipes

I’m kind of appetizer-challenged. We’ve all got a weak spot, and this is mine, so I’m always looking to delicious stuff that won’t destroy my waistline. Well, the first one I tried was such a hit that I’m going back for more! I’ll share this particular recipe and my results in the next post.

Another feature that I like are the multitude of recipes that give you 4 preparation options:
“Classic Recipes” (Taste of Home) for traditional preparation techniques
“Time-Saver Recipes” (Simple & Delicious) for minimum effort
“Light Recipes” (Healthy Cooking) for trimming calories, fat, etc. but not flavor
“Serves 2” (Cooking for 2) for scaled-down versions for smaller households

Cool idea, huh?

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